Which consoles can I use in the case?

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You can use the POGA Pro with PlayStation 4 Slim, PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X

What is the overall weight including the consoles?

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Case model Weight

Model POGA Pro plus Trolley

8,84 kg

+ PlayStation 4 Slim, 1 Controller

11,06 kg

+ PlayStation 4 Slim, 2 Controller

11,28 kg

+ PlayStation 4 Pro, 1 Controller

11,98 kg

+ PlayStation 4 Pro, 2 Controller

12,20 kg

Does the case meet airport carry-on bag requirements?

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The case is designed as a carry-on suitcase. Depending on your airline, restrictions for cabin baggage may be different. Fully equipped, the case is heavier than what most airlines allow for hand-luggage (8KG). If you should check in the case, please make sure it gets a “handle with care” tag, to protect the components.

What kind of monitor is built into the case?

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The case contains an ASUS VP228HE - LED - please check the following link for more information:

Can I use the case with any Playstation?

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Our case is useable with the Playstation 4 Slim or Pro from the end of 2018 or later  (Model with 2-connector power-plug). Depending on your PS version (Slim or Pro) the case needs to be equipped with the respective inlay. 

Can I use the case with any Xbox?

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POGA Pro is useable for Xbox One X only.

Is there a built-in battery?

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No, there is no POGA model with a battery. We are constantly working on innovative features and we are testing versions with a battery. Currently, we can’t tell if we can ship a rechargeable version in the future.

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